Wulf’s Choice Award – Coming Soon

With so many good quality games and software available for RPG Maker, both commercial and non-commercial, I decided to create the Wulf’s Choice Award. Not only is this to give games creators recognition for all their hard work, but also to provide them with kudos for well-crafted RPG Maker games.

I’m still working on the "ratings system", with which I’m aiming to give a fair assessment of the key areas involved: graphics, sound/music, gameplay, storyline, scripts and additional features (such as mini-games and side-objectives) for games, and functionality, features, usefulness and presentation for utilities.

Along with either a mini-review or a full review, the Wulf’s Choice Award will be given to exceptional games or software that stand out because of their original concepts and contents, based around these key areas.

As a longer-term project for the future, I’d also like to introduce a section to promote creators’ projects, along with a mini-blog for updates, with the possibility of a People’s Choice Award, where other players can give their own awards to games or software they like.