Windowskins and Other Sections Updates


Awhile ago, RPG Maker Times had its own windowskins subdomain, but it merged with the main blog. The main reason for that in the first place was actually because it of its shared server. Downtime was frequent as a result, sometimes for hours. I was usually unaware of the downtime.

The previous web host wasn’t at fault. It was the price of having a website steadily increasing in popularity on a shared server. Kind of like a baby outgrowing its diapers. So I had to make a decision and find somewhere else more suited to the blog’s needs.

And, since changing to Dreamhost and upgrading to a VPS, downtime occurs less often. In fact, I can’t recall much downtime for RPG Maker Times and any of its subdomains.

So, starting next month, the Windowskins section will migrate back to its own subdomain. This also ties in with my plans to reconfigure many of the windowskins to RMMV format. This not only provides a wider variety of windowskins, it also makes it easier to maintain in the long run. And without having to worry so much about escalating costs, except on a sliding scale based on traffic and bandwidth.

RPG Maker MV

And following on from that, because RMMV is now my choice of program, the RPG Maker MV section will also have its own separate subdomain.

In order that I can provide more insightful content for RMMV, the subdomain will remain a part of the main RPG Maker Times blog; it’ll cross-link with it for easier maintenance and updating.

The rest of the blog will remain completely intact, with minor tweaks here and there.