Windowskin Maker XP

A lot of people lately have been searching for Windowskin Generators to make life easier. No doubt regular visitors to this blog (or the forums) already know about the RMVX Windowskin Generator, which is a superlative utility that I use frequently.

Unfortunately, there has been no RMXP equivalent…Until now!

The talented Evil Cabbage has created just the utility. It’s available for download (from RMXP Unlimited) here. Right-click on the “Download” link and Save As for it to work.

Now there are opportunities aplenty for us “non-artists” to create windowskins for both our RMXP and RMVX projects!

A full, light review is available here.

4 thoughts on“Windowskin Maker XP

  1. Yay, just what I need…of course, I’d prefer to just take the ones you make as opposed to creating my own. ^__^

    btw, I’ve commented like crazy today, but all of them had to be approved by an administrator, so I’m not sure if they went through. o_o?

  2. Cool 😀 I’ve index all the windowskins on the RPG Maker Companion (not the old one, that’s been all but abandoned, but the new one).

    The reason for “admin mod” of comments is because I’ve been receiving a lot of spam comments, so thought this would be the bes way. I got ’em all. 🙂

  3. I see what you mean; very nice and organized alphabetically with pictures. 🙂 Makes it so much easier to redownload the ones I lost in the crash…and ones I might have overlooked somehow!

    Oh, didn’t know about the spam thing. Thought someone was leaving irrelevant comments, but both can be equally annoying!