Window & Scene Wizard

If you’re like me and *hate* making windows and their accompanying scenes – at least when it comes to positioning onscreen – there is a useful utility called the Window & Scene Wizard (WSW). Actually it’s compiled using RGSS and runs standalone or from with RMXP itself.

You can find a demo, along with instructions and downloads, at Creation Asylum. Note: The first download site no longer hosts the files, so be sure to use the second download site instead.

The WSW works very well, using the mouse and keyboard fluently to create windows. You can create ordinary windows as well as menus, add text, icons and pictures, as well as parameters and other details.

When your finished product is saved, the Window and Scene scripts will be saved in .TXT format. From there you can copy and paste into RMXP and use them for your newly created windows.

The only problem I have with the WSW, however, is that if you create a blank window (or a set of blank positioned windows), it also contains extra, generic crap you don’t really need. It’s not difficult to delete it, but if you don’t know too much about RGSS, it can mess up and you’ll receive a few errors.

Work on the WSW stopped after v1.0 v2.0, since the final entry in the forum was back in 2006, and nothing else has become of it. It’s still a good program/utility nevertheless, for learning more about RGSS if for nothing else.


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