Will you buy RPG Maker VX Ace if it’s above $60? – January 2012 Poll

The January 2012 poll is now closed. The results, out of 16 votes, 19% would buy RMVXA if the price is above $60, but an overwhelming 69% will NOT buy RMVXA if it’s above $60. And 13% is still undecided.

For myself, I’m truthfully still undecided. In the beginning, I was resolute that I wouldn’t buy RMVXA if it was above $60, but the more I’ve played around with it the more I like it. So if the price is around $60 I will definitely buy it eventually. Anything above that and I’ll wait for awhile longer, continue with the Trial version, until I can raise the money to buy it, but even with that I’d still be more reserved if the price is above $60. Yes, I will eventually purchase RMVXA because, as I’ve mentioned before, it is way too cool not to!

2 thoughts on“Will you buy RPG Maker VX Ace if it’s above $60? – January 2012 Poll

  1. Probably not going to buy it at all.

    I’m perfectly happy with RMXP currently..

    Plus, the ‘chibi’ style graphics are quite a turn-off.

    I honestly can’t stand looking at them, let alone producing a game with that in it.

  2. If the truth be known, I’m happy with RMVX but at the same time want RMVXA mostly for its built-in Character Generator. I would like to buy it, but am not going to buy it yet regardless. In the future I definitely will, just to complete the collection if nothing else.