What’s Happening?

I’ve been considering the direction of RPG Maker Times for awhile now, in particular which RPG Makers to concentrate on. As it is at the moment, RPG Maker Times focuses on RMXP and RMVX (with a lean towards the latter) and RPG Maker 2K3 Master obviously concentrates on RM2K/3.

To help decide proper, I implemented a poll – thanks to all who have participated in the poll already – and a stat counter. These combined will give a good idea on the areas to concentrate on and ultimately specific content for entries.

The current status is:

  • The majority of visitors use either RMXP or RMVX, with a small percentage still using RM2K/3.
  • The general consensus so far regarding articles is graphics, with Windowskins being the number one search (equally for RMXP and RMVX), as well as resources.
  • Utilities and resource converters/generators are another searched-for topic. There are a lot of different utilities out there, of which I’ve only covered a small part.
  • Tutorials and how-to’s, especially regarding graphics.
  • A small percentage are after scripts, specifically for RMXP, which has also been searched for extensively.

With this in mind, over the next week or so, I’ll be merging the RPG Maker 2K3 Master blog with this one. That way all RPG Maker resources and information can be found under one umbrella instead of two. That way, too, it will be much easier to update the content on a more regular and consistent basis. This also means that some entries will be deleted and some will be juggled around, but the content will be the same, and since this is retroactive I’ll be keeping the original dates (which means multiple entries on the same day) and comments as applicable.

The entries will contain more resources (for all RPG Makers) and resource editing, including tutorials. In addition to scripts for both RMXP and RMVX, I’ll also be giving regular progress reports on my games, specifically The Gladiator Project.

While I’m not going to be able to cater to everyone, I’ll certainly try to meet the immediate demands, based on the regular poll results and the search engine keyword statistics.

A final word before ending this update: Also over the next week or so, I’ll be creating a separate website to place all of the resources, tutorials and scripts. That way they can all be in one place for easier reference, but the focus will still be on the RPG Maker Times blog.

2 thoughts on“What’s Happening?

  1. Well, it definitely sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you, moving everything over from one blog to another in addition to the new site!

    Ha ha, I’m guilty of being one of those small percentage of people still hanging onto RM2K3. ^__^; In fact, the majority of my custom graphics are for that, but I felt no need to upload them since [I assumed] most had switched to the more current installments. 🙂

    Looking foward to more Gladiator Project updates!

  2. The moving isn’t all that bad (thankfully!). In fact, I think that part of it’s all but done.

    If the truth be told, I still use RM2K3 on occasion too. That is – and will remain – my favorite RPG Maker, with RMXP coming a close second. 🙂