What Happened To The Paranormality Webisodes?

I was asked the other day about what happened to the “Paranormality Webisodes” I started doing. Well, several things really.

The first is that the motherboard on my previous computer started going out and, despite a lot of upgrades, it become irreparable without major additional cost. I decided that it was better in the long run to just buy a new computer. The storyboard and resources are still stuck on its hard drive without an immediate solution to transfer the files. I guess I could invest in an IDE to USB cable, but that’s not top of my priority list right now.

The second thing is that since I started my new job, working nights, it gives very little time to actually focus on most of the projects I started, including the webisodes. I’ve not had a chance to reinstall the movie making software I’d previously installed either. This is one of the most frustrating parts of working the night shift, but as long as it pays the bills, then it balances out.

The final thing is that inspiration and motivation dried out. With several different projects on the go at once, it was difficult to maintain them all and prioritize them, so I took a major hiatus from them. Instead, the focus shifted to work and spending time with family.

The Paranormality project isn’t quite dead yet, though. Since my purchase of RMVXA, I’ve been experimenting with it for a while and decided that Paranormality: Darkling would greatly benefit from RMVXA’s additional features and functions, so work has been progressing on that slowly but surely. Be sure to subscribe to the site’s feed for the updates.

At this point, I don’t know if I will be continuing with the webisodes; it’s been left open at the moment.