Restructuring/Updating Scripts/Plugins Pages

Restructuring/Updating Scripts/Plugins Pages

I’m in the process of restructuring the way that files are downloaded from RPG Maker Times, particularly in the RMMV/JGSS section. This is in light of something that I completely overlooked and recently discovered.

Previously, RMMV has been downloadable from Pastebin. However, due to the way that Pastebin saves the files this has been causing problems with the plugins. I’ll be removing Pastebin from the download options and providing alternative download files: Directly from RPG Maker Times and from Dropbox. These will be ZIP’d to include the Terms of Use for each plugin. Some plugins will also be downloadable from RPG Maker MV as well; these will link directly to the resource pages there.

The Scripts/Plugins section will be renamed RM XP/VX/VXA and the Scriptlets page will be placed under that. Replacing it will be a new section for RMMV Plugins. Some scripts, such as the Universal Configurations Settings Module, will be removed from the list, although the pages will still remain on the site.

As it stands, all scripts and plugins on this site are for non-commercial use only. The next restructure will be options for commercial use, which may involve a small fee just to cover costs.

As and when I have the time, I’m aiming on producing a few showcase/tutorial videos for the MV Plugins to include their features, settings and instructions on how to properly install.

I’ve also been revisiting the idea of restructuring RPG Maker Times‘s layout to something a little more dynamic, maybe similar to the one I did for Otherworld, although when this will occur I don’t know. I’m testing out a few ideas first.