To Do List

This is the To Do List, which is updated as development progresses, including ideas for updates and things that need to be done for my own reference, but it has been made public to share its progress (it was originally private). As the items on this list are finished, they’ll be crossed out accordingly.

Site/CSSDemosScripts/ScriptletsWindowskinsResourcesTools & UtilitiesEventsFAQsTutorials/How To'sTroubleshooting
  • Update Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Downloads Policy [50% complete]
  • SEO compliant posts/pages – Installed
  • Uber-update all posts and graphics [85% complete]
  • Uber-update all comments, with proper names and links [90% complete]
  • Featured Video fix/upgrade and slideshow
  • Display tags on posts (homepage and posts) – implemented in child theme [90% complete]
  • Update RPG Maker Times Companion (old companion site) to become an index/portal blog.
  • Bring all posts (from the front page) uber up-to-date [82% complete]


  • Full calendar system (script) [0% complete]


  • Update Q-Engine to v5.0 plus add-ons [60% complete]
  • Update Q-Engine Manual [85% complete]
  • Update Q-Engine Message System [5% complete – Deferred]
  • Windowskins section restructure [90% complete]
  • How To Install Multiple Windowskins [0% complete]
  • Windowskins navigation at the bottom of each entry [1% complete]
  • Link windowskins in posts to corresponding pages [50% progress] Updated!
  • Resources/Resource links (widget/categorized pages) [15% complete]
  • Resource Converting (migration of this) [0% complete]
  • Resource Specifications – All RPG Makers [50% complete]
  • Complete Windowskins integration [90% complete]
  • Import ALL windowskins from Img S*** [85% complete – Many found]
  • Monster Graphics post graphics
  • Are there any other (free) RPG makers available? [0% complete]
  • How do I make a (boss) battle where you have to lose? [0% complete]
  • How to make stand-alone games (with or without the RTP)? [0% complete]
  • Why are most of my windowskins for RMVX/VXA only? [0% complete]
  • FAQ Expansion: How do I remove saved games? [0% complete]
  • FAQ Expansion: Is it possible to add movie clips to RMVX? [0% complete]
  • Redo all tutorials for site-wide layout/design consistency [88% complete]
  • Navigation menu on Complete Chests Tutorial (top and/or bottom)


  • Resource Conversion How To [0% complete]
  • Resources Tutorials [0% complete]
  • Scripts Tutorials [0% complete]
  • How To Use System Fonts [0% complete]

Move and/or Expand

  • FAQ Expansion: Why won’t the text display in RPG Maker XP/VX/VXA? [0% complete]
  • Expansion: RMXP Compatibility with Vista – pending installation in Virtualbox [0% complete]
Updates will appear as deleted before they’ll eventually be taken out completely to show progress through this list and reduce its size. More to-do’s will be added and worked through as well.