Updates: Scripts And General Updates

The Q-Engine is going through another overhaul to make things easier to update and add to. The reason is simply because it’s now so big that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

Here are the updates to the script and other general updates taking place:

  • The Universal Configuration Settings Module (UCSM) will now contain the universally used settings (fonts, windowskins, etc.) instead of all settings for all scripts.
  • Individual script settings in the UCSM will be extracted and placed in the appropriate scripts and add-ons (specifically to the Q-Engine) to make updating them easier.
  • Several elements in the Q-Engine are being extracted and created as separate add-ons (animated title, combat system, equip screen, etc.) so that updating them can be achieved much more efficiently.
  • Each of the scripts will contain a Required module if they're reliant on the UCSM or Q-Engine scripts.