Updates: Lost & Found

I was going through some of my old DVDs and found some RPG Maker materials (including projects) I thought were long gone. There’s a lot of RM2K3 stuff I thought were lost for ever, so I had to reinstall it to check it all out. These are some of the discoveries:

  • Charset: Vehicles Charset.
  • Charset: Several Animal Charsets for RM2K3 and RMVX/VXA.
  • Demo: Chests Tutorial Demo. Apparently, this is the old demo before the additional tutorials were added. There appears to be a map missing, so I'll try and resolve that as well.
  • Demo: Woodcutter Demo. This was originally written as part of RM2K3 tutorial that never actually made it online. So this will be updated as well, but I'll also convert it to RMXP, VX and VXA later.
  • Resources: I also found some of the missing resources for RM2K3, including the resource templates, so I'll finally fix them.