Updates For The Weekend

RPG Maker Times Companion – Saturday

Sadly, the RPG Maker Times Companion has been neglected lately, but I’m aiming for some more content on Saturday. There are a plethora of utilities still out there for RPG Maker, so it’s time to dig some of them out.

Zelda Maze Tutorial Demo – Sunday

There will be a downloadable demo for the Zelda Maze Tutorial, as requested by Decanos78 for both RMXP and RMVX. I’ll have this uploaded by Sunday.

RPG Maker 2K3 Resurface

I’ve had a number of requests for RM2K3 tutorials, even though it’s unarguably the best RPG Maker of them all and even though I’ve retired it in favour of the next-gen RPG Makers. I’m not sure I’ll be doing anything with it, except for the Complete Chest Tutorial. Talking of which also for the weekend (and well into next week) I’m aiming to have a demo for the RMXP version.