Update: Tweaks & Add-Ons Script v1.3.3

The Tweaks & Add-Ons has been updated to include:

  • Class Icons: Each character can have its own unique icon to represent his/her class.
  • States As Icons: States are displayed as icons instead of the default text.
  • Health States: Depending on HP percentage, a new health state is displayed, e.g. if HP is between 25% and 49% the character's Health State is "Heavily Injured".
  • Skip Title Option: Enables developers to skip the title completely for game testing.
  • Gold Comma Delimiters: Inserts commas into larger amounts of gold, e.g. 10000000 becomes 10,000,000 for easier readability.

Several additional Bitmap methods – draw horizontal line and draw title – have also been added. The manual will be uploaded later.