Update: FileFactory Issues

Important Notice: Some downloads formerly downloadable from FileFactory have been temporarily disabled. This is due to a multi-layer issue with their installer that may or may not cause a potential risk to the system, and I’m absolutely NOT having any of that!

  1. Malwarebytes detects multiple "threats" during the extraction process with some of the temporary files. I have, however, been reassured in the past that these are false/positives due to the way their installers work. That said, some adware and crapware was detected after installation – definitely not tolerated!
  2. It also appears that after extracting the compressed files from the EXE that there is a flaw that prevents the RAR file containing the RM2K3 project demo files from extracting properly. This results in a "can’t open file as archive" error, but this is likely a result of the Malwarebytes intervention.
  3. After extraction is complete, the installer opens a new browser tab encouraging the use of their Premium services. While I generally don’t have a problem with upgrading, I consider this method as "nagware" and will not tolerate it.

Update: It also appears that since using the FileFactory installer, some adware WAS installed along with it that appeared in browsers as woeebsaavers, injecting advertisements into search results. I’m only updating this as an awareness. My FileFactory account has subsequently been deleted.

I do not tolerate this at all, so all files will now be self-hosted, secured and thoroughly tested before uploading them. All of the downloadable content on this site has been thoroughly scanned beforehand using Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes (Premium) and Panda Cloud Cleaner. This probably isn’t necessary, but it’s a precaution I always like to take to ensure safe installation.

The pages affected by this are:

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I’ll resolve it as quickly as possible.