Update: 3D Resources Fun

As my foray into Daz3D and Bryce continues, I’m having a lot of fun creating 3D content and scenes.

I realized that Daz3D has changed a lot since I last used it – I think version 2 or 3 (it’s now up to 4.6). I also recently acquired Bryce and Poser, although I’ve not really done anything with them yet.

These aren’t particularly good, but I’ve added them here to give a rough idea of where I’m intending to go. Although Daz3D is easy to use, I’m still going through as many tutorials as I can. Getting the resources – whether charsets, portraits or battlers – just right can be time-consuming sometimes, especially when translating to RPG Maker formats.

Over the next few months (each payday) I’ll be buying some more content/resources for Daz3D, trying to fit the needs of Paranormality: Portals. I’m back to my regular weekly shifts at work again – plus an extra shift – so I may be able to spend more time on the project. That said, the resources I do create in Daz3D most likely won’t be used in Portals, but probably will in one or both of its sequels.