Upcoming RMMV Plugins I’ve Been Working On

Upcoming RMMV Plugins I’ve Been Working On

I’ve been working on some plugins for RPG Maker MV, taking FULL advantage of my vacation (back to work tomorrow), and at the same time adjusting to the way things are structured in MV’s core JS files.

One of the cool things about all this digging and poking around and exhuming the code is that my previous knowledge of Javascript (such as it is) is starting to come back to me. That means I’m starting to see the correlation between Javascript and the way MV’s JGSS is structured around it.

The following video showcases some of the plugins I’ve been working on. These ones are actually near to completion. They just need a bit of fine-tuning, particularly with the customization options. After that, they’ll be available for use and downloadable on RPG Maker Times.

Some notes about each of the plugins featured in the video:

  • Pretitle Movie: Already done, but updating it a bit./li>
  • Background Animation (Working Title): Adds a bit of animation to an otherwise static Title Screen. Adding more customization options to be able change a number of things with the animations.
  • Subtitle Text: This is complete, but I'm adding the customization options. ¶ This isn't actually mentioned in the video, but is included, because it's become part of my Title Screen Add-On plugin, which I'm still not sure about
  • Title Screen Weather Effect: Well, it is winter and I figured a nice snowy theme would be in order. You can have rain and storm as well. I'll be working on other effects, such as autumnal leaves falling or somesuch later.

I’m hoping to write more in time, ultimately depending on my work schedule, especially with the run-up to Christmas.