Tweak: Global Comma Delimeters (VX/VXA)

Following on from yesterday’s post to address an error that occurred in RMVXA, this expands on that idea.

What if you want comma delimeters globally, such as in shops when you buy and sell items?

You don’t need to fiddle with the Window_Gold, Window_ShopBuy or Window_ShopSell windows to do it. That would cause too many conflicts. Instead, we can set up a basic method to insert commas in larger numbers that affects all areas where currency is used.

This scriptlet tweak is not available for RMXP.
The refresh method is overwritten in RMVX.
With RMVXA, refresh is overwritten.

Note: This is only relevant for RMVX and RMVXA. It most likely is possible in RMXP, but due to the way RGSS is structured I’m not willing to do it, as it would require rewriting large chunks of code.