Tutorials Section Revision

Tutorials Section Revision

I revised Tutorials & How-To’s section today.

Why the Revision?

I deemed it necessary to revamp the section because it had become rather cluttered. This is especially the case now with the increasing number of Smile Game Builder tutorials.

It was time to review the section and reorganize it. So, RPG Maker and Smile Game Builder have their own sections.

In time, I’ll further slimline it, where I’ll delete the least used or least visited pages. Since RPG Maker Times no longer actively supports RM2K/3 (I just don’t use 2000 or 2003 any more, even though I bought them both), much of the content will become redundant or archived. And none of it will appear in the main menu, but will be available via a separate section.

The same applies to much of the RPG Maker XP and VX content, although I’m uncertain which to remove yet. The most popular sections or pages, however, will remain intact.

Focus on Smile Game Builder

As many of you have noticed, updates have been almost exclusively on Smile Game Builder.

There are several reasons for this:

RPG Maker

With RPG Maker, despite using it for years – more accurately, over a decade – I still feel like a "noob" with it. RM 2K/3 was different, though, as it required no additional programming skills. The next gen RPG Makers (XP through to MV) did.

I know very little Ruby/RGSS, except what I learned through the process. And, although I know Javascript, it’s now way out-of-date. Sometimes, I become overwhelmed by it, and other times I covet others’ programming capabilities with it. Well, not really "covet" so much as wish I’d gone down that path when I was younger. Hence, I have very little self-confidence when it comes specifically to scripts, plugins and tutorials.

Smile Game Builder

On the other hand, because I had the privileged opportunity to beta-test Smile Game Builder, I know its insides and outs. Apart from the graphics aspect, of course, as I’m not yet proficient with Blender or Maya. That’ll come in time, I’m sure.

Consequently, I’m more confident in making tutorials for it. (This confidence may even extend to eventing in RPG Maker, but I never considered making video tutorials for it.)

The final reason is that I’ve been commissioned for two projects with Smile Game Builder. Both are paid opportunities and must remain a secret for now. Or, perhaps I choose not to share at this time.

Future Updates

I’ve mentioned previously, in numerous posts, that my aim is to update the blog with more RPG Maker stuff. Notably, promotions, others’ works and games, and so on.

But, the truth is I simply don’t have the time to regularly. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule (working the night shift), it’s harder to maintain all of my projects. Even with well-structured time management.

With the run-up to Christmas and the New Year, I may have even less time because of "mandatory" extra shifts. Hey, I’m not complaining; the money is good and pays the bills! It’s just frustrating when time isn’t on your side when it comes to having enough time for ALL of your projects. I’m sure most can relate to that one!

Updates will continue, therefore, but with the focus more on Smile Game Builder. At least for now.