Time For Some Reorganisation

It’s time to reorganise RPG Maker Times and its Companion. This is a priority before anything else, especially given that the latter has been neglected.

While the layout on this blog will remain the same, Companion will have an overhaul. I’m thinking about changing the entire template, perhaps to one of Blogger’s dynamic layouts to better reflect its content. And this is also especially true with the apparently imminent release of RMVXA and preparation to include guestblogging and some of the other RPG Makers out there. So things might be a little messed up for a while, especially on the Companion blog.

This includes the top navigation menu, definitely out-of-date by now, which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. This whole reorganisation thing will probably take some time, but I’ll still be able to provide regular updates and tutorials provided that my time management skills are up to par.

I’m also transferring some of the pages I have on both RPG Maker Times and Companion on a completely separate website for convenience and better layout, which also means that I can add more dynamic pages to the blogs.