Time For A New Layout – Poll Results

According to the poll results for January/February 2011, the majority of voters want a facelift for RPG Maker Times. Over 60% of voters in fact.

Interestingly, 27.27% are in favour of a layout change, 36.36% want to see a prototype first, and 18.18% are either in favour of keeping this one or aren’t bothered. That leaves 63.63% total votes for the new facelift. Aside from these double digits or “gateway” numbers, numerologically speaking, is that the totals (63.63) equals 9 – 63+63 = 126; 1+2+6 = 9 or 6+3 and 6+3 = 9 and 9; 9+9 = 18; 1+8 = 9.

Among the numerological meanings for the number 9 (with the blog and its new layout in mind) are:

  • Socially Conscious – Encouraging visitors to have a say in its direction and layout, including with prototype templates, and acting on it as best I can. The blog is even being shared on Facebook and other social networks.
  • Improvement/Betterment – Throughout its development, this blog has tried to accommodate visitors’ needs (in so far as it can) and add widgets to make life easier, such as a navigation menu. And, of course, I’m constantly searching for ways to improve it.
  • Imagination and Creativity – Well, it’s certainly that. Trying to find articles and tutorials that many would find useful and interesting.
  • Sharing – Given that over the years, it’s been shared with so many people, and they in return have often shared their comments (both as post comments and on the shoutbox).
  • Popularity and/or Nobility – RPG Maker Times can now boast an average of about 120 hits per day and has achieved a Google Rank of 2 lately, with its popularity in the search engines also increasing.

Of course, I won’t be able to accommodate everyone’s wishes, but over the next few weeks I will develop 3 templates and when they are ready, visitors can vote on which one they like best. The template with the most votes will then be implemented.