The Gladiator Project Voting Begins Soon

Sit Suffragiorum Incipiunt
(Let The Voting Begin)

Picture Courtesy of Sodahead

As part of an ongoing theme, visitors will be able to vote on certain aspects of The Gladiator Project.

Starting on 1 June, 2012, voting will begin for the Title Animation. Whichever one has the highest votes will be implemented in the game.

On 1 July, 2012, votes will commence for the Title Screen Music, whichever fits most appropriately with the title animation chosen and the overall game theme.

Both polls will run for about a month each. Votes can be cast on RPG Maker Times, Facebook or on The Gladiator Project.

Once the results from all sources have been collected and collated, the ones with the most votes will be implemented in the game.