The Gladiator Project – Update #4

TGP had been put on hold for a while, but I’ve started working on it again. What rekindled my interest was a movie I saw that inspired me and a visit from SojaBird (whose Achievements script I was using on and off). So, in light of my renewed inspiration and drive, I rewrote the plot and started the entire project from scratch.

The following have been implemented in the game and are final.

Title Menu

In a previous update, I implemented a demo video of the title screen. As you can see the menu itself has changed significantly. I’m still using Moghunter’s Animated Title and Dr.?’s Credits scripts.

The game does contain several in-game movies, extensively utilizing Berka’s nonpareil Game Film II Reloaded script. In fact, this is the ONLY movie script I’ve found that works efficaciously. Unfortunately, this does mean an increase in size but it will be worth it, unless I have two versions (one with the movies, one without).

At the moment, the movies have been extracted from commercial movies, since I don’t have a mega budget to create my own, so as it stands for now these will only appear in the “personal” version but may not appear in the demo or final versions. As a side-note, the movies I’ve modeled the in-game clips on are Gladiator, Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Extinction and Flatliners, also with clips from the mini series Space: Above and Beyond, as the segments I’ve used encapsulate what TGP is all about and progresses the plot. I could put the “Intro” movie on here if I can get past the copyrighted material dilemma, alongside a “Don’t Sue Me” disclaimer!!

Menu System

This is very based loosely on Rubymatt’s Compact Menu System. It has been heavily modded from its “original”, practically rewritten in fact, but the skeleton is still Rubymatt’s. At this point, however, I’m still ironing out the finer points of the overall layout for the menu.

What will “officially” appear in the final menu is as follows (the emboldened text indicates I can’t find a link to that script, but when I do I’ll implement it):

  • Inventarium – Inventory: List of items.

    This is the default item list, using KGC’s Item Categorization script (translated by Mr. Anonymous). I may tweak this later for use in TGP, especially given that this script has a bug with the “All Items” tab, and I might attempt on using an icon-based interface instead.

  • Artificii – Skills: List of skills and arts.

    In keeping with the “sortables”, I’ve used KGC’s Skill Categorization script, with the additions of KGC’s Hidden Skill and Passive Skill scripts and Modern Algebra’s Learn Skills By Use script.

  • Armamentum – Equipment: Weapons, armor and accessories.

    This contains KGC’s Extended Equip and Equip Extension scripts and (possibly) Lettuce’s Armor Set Bonus script. I will also be implementing an “Encumbrance” value to the items and maybe also be implementing MA’s Composite Characters/Visual Equipment script if I can create or find the composite parts for it.

  • Status Quo – Status: Character Profiles

    The Status is still 90% complete, but it has been retweaked several times. Included (or being included) are icon-based status effects, additional stats (Hit Ratio, Evasion and Critical Hit, as well as Strength and Luck), Encumbrance, and additional body parts to reflect the addition of the equipment extension scripts.

  • Descriptum Bestaria – Bestiary: Compendium of enemies encountered.

    Still in use for this is Falcao’s Dinamic Monster’s Bestiary, although I may yet modify it later to include some additional features.

  • Diarium Questae – Quest Diary: List of quests and tasks received.

    As before, MA’s excellent Quest Log script has been used to log all questae (quests). Of all the ones out there, this is the most versatile and dynamic one.

  • Societas Amicitiae – Alliances: Factions and inter-gang relationships.

    SojaBird’s Factions (Reborn) script is ideal for the environment in which TGP is set and has been used extensively throughout the game. Each of the relationships between rival gangs is influenced by the actions you perform, which adds a lot of fun to the game.

  • Codex Adeptio – Achievements: Awards and milestones.

    This particular script, SojaBird’s Achievements script, has been utilized then removed a few times in the “test” games, as I’ve constantly been changing my mind about it. But after all that, I decided to implement it permanently because it needs to be there for the “reward and punishment” system in TGP. (In fact, SojaBird has released an updated version, 4.0 BETA, which I’ve yet to try but most assuredly will once the bulk of the first segment’s gameplay is complete! Otherwise, it’d become overwhelming again!)

  • Glossa Vocabuli – Dictionary of terms used.

    At the moment, I don’t have the time – and maybe the right knowhow – to create this script, so it will remain blank for now. If someone would like to create one, it’d be greatly appreciated and save some time, but it won’t be implemented until the “official” beta version.

  • Statim Extra – Extra stats and information.

    Replacing the previous “blank” option of the menu, again I haven’t implemented this yet. I’ll be omitting several options from the menu and placing them here, such as number of battles won or lost, number of opponents killed, number of steps taken, number of saves, etc. And the stat window on the menu will only contain stats relevant to the Arena.

  • Conservo Progresso – Save: Record your progress.

    Being used is Woratana’s NEO Save System 3, but I might change it later to include options to Load, Save and Delete Saved Games directly from the menu.

  • Ratio Bene – Change various in-game options.

    The script used for this is Yanfly’s Menu System Options. I have plans to “expand” this section to include options to change fonts, colors, etc. and maybe to have a music/sound effects player too.

2 thoughts on“The Gladiator Project – Update #4

  1. I know it’s only the menu, which is being presented, but it appears as if the game will be incredibly thorough and have enough features to keep the player interested (am really curious about the Societas Amicitiae now). I’m amazed at the amount of scripts incorporated for just this part alone. You may have been absent for a while, but you’ve definitely been busy!

    Even if they do expand the file size, I think the movies are a great idea, although I understand about the copyright issue!

    Oh I hope you got my [incredibly late] response to your email!

  2. I’m a perfectionist, wasn’t happy with the previous incarnation, so that’s why it was rewritten and rebuilt. I’m a good scripter, not a great scripter, so utilize others’ scripts (with appropriate credit) to make things easier. The scripts used in TGP all integrate quite well for what I want it to do.

    As far as the movies, what I’m hoping to do is use a combination of Blender 3D and other programs for the movies. Won’t be able to do that for some time though.