The Gladiator Project Is Back On Track

New day, new hard drive, new installation, so that means that TGP is once again back on track. Thankfully, there wasn’t as great a hiatus between redevelopment as the last time. Thanks to my friends for helping me out.

I’ve learned a lot during the process, and learned a lot more by studying the RGSS3 in RMVXA. So, since TGP is being rewritten virtually from scratch, the system is a lot cleaner and the scripts are less bulky. That means that it’s easier to integrate some of the other scripts into the system. I’ll be focusing exclusively on TGP over the next few weeks so that finally there will be something substantial to the project, perhaps also including an attempt at my own graphics for it.

I’m looking far into the future here, but I will eventually be buying RMVXA after all. It’s just too cool not to. That means that I might port TGP to the new RPG Maker (not really as simple as that, but doable nevertheless), but not until after the RMVX version of TGP is complete.

I’ll be updating this blog as soon as there’s something of substance and uploading a video shortly thereafter.