TGP Update Relocation

This is just a quick multi-purpose note.

The first thing is that this blog will no longer contain any major updates news for The Gladiator Project. They’ll be placed here instead. This is primarily because, with work continuing on TGP, there will be a lot more progress updates than before, so it’s better not to overwhelm this blog with too many TGP updates, thereby deviating from other content. You can also see when TGP is updated under the “Sister Blogs” section (on the right-hand side) or on my Twitter account.

The second thing is that I only have about a month before relocating, so I’m excited as hell about that. I’m having to deal with the boring last minute preparations – sorting, packing, etc. – so updates may be few and far between until I’m settled again.

2 thoughts on“TGP Update Relocation

  1. Hey Wulf,

    Just dropping in to say hi! Thanks for the updates for TCP so far; I’ll be sure to bookmark the new site and check it frequently. Also, congrats on your relocation! Call me crazy, but I actually don’t mind the packing part…it’s the unpacking that gets me.