Smile Game Builder – Tutorial #3.2: Working with Events

Smile Game Builder - Tutorial #3.2: Working with Preset Events

This video, as the title suggests, is a straightforward look at using preset events and a brief overview of the events tree. This is a very basic, quick tutorial. But the next set of tutorials will go into much more detail with events. It’ll start with characters and party members. Video Note: I’d scheduled this video for yesterday. However, Murphy’s Law had other ideas, resulting in its deferral to today. Sundays and Mondays are usually good days to create and upload new videos, so my focus will be on those days.

Smile Game Builder – Tutorial #3.1: Events Overview

Smile Game Builder - Tutorial #3.1: Events Overview

This tutorial, the third in the Smile Game Builder series, glosses over the preset events, going through each one in turn. This isn’t a comprehensive how-to; it’s simply to showcase what’s available. Note: This video is longer than I intended it to be! I’d like to keep videos around 20 minutes long, but sometimes they’ll go over. And that’s when the fun will really begin! Video Next Tutorials The next few tutorials will cover some of these events in more detail, including the events tree, and – finally! – customizing events. I’ve had a lot of requests on how to do certain things in SGB, so my aim is to…

Smile Game Builder – Tutorial #1: Short Overview

Smile Game Builder - Tutorial #1: Short Overview

This is the first in a series of tutorials I’m planning for Smile Game Builder. This is just an overview on some of the customizations. Future tutorials will include anything from events to graphics to creating a full game with SGB. Video On A Side Note As a side-note, because I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been in a position to do any kind of tutorials or updates. I have Sundays off guaranteed, so I think that would be the perfect day for creating tutorials, and so on. I won’t focus as exclusively on Smile Game Builder as I have been, but aim to include other RPG Maker tutorials…

My Smile Game Builder Experiments

Smile Game Builder

For awhile I’ve tweeted about Smile Game Builder and my foray into the new RPG Maker. So I decided to conglomerate them into a single post to save time and space. This serves a dual purpose. Not only does it showcase various features of Smile Game Builder, it also shows my beta-testing experiments. These aren’t in any particular order. In many cases, I tried to customize graphics as part of the experimentation. Some of it went well, some of it didn’t. Custom Title Experiment The title screen resolution in Smile Game Builder is 960×544. I created this with the first beta build I tested. The cursor is also custom-made for…

Smile Game Builder – Upcoming RPG Maker

Smile Game Builder

Many of my Twitter followers already know that it’s my privilege and honour to beta-test a new upcoming RPG Maker called Smile Game Builder (SGB). Beta Phase This RPG Maker shows a lot of potential. Its selling point is the 3D first-person perspective and its complete ease of use. You can also use 2D graphics if you prefer. Set up events with a few easy clicks and then modify them to suit your needs or tweak them for more advanced processes. During its beta phase, I’ve only tweeted select things. These include articles and material already made public and my own experiments with SGB. I’m pushing the engine almost to…