Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 2) – Characters & Party Members

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 2) - Characters & Party Members

Part 1 focused on the first party member, Marie, who wanted flowers before she joined. It also showcased my first attempt at creating a door without presets. Part 2, the sixth in the Smile Game Builder Tutorial series, adds two more party members: Ignaz (who wants money) and Lisa (who wants an egg). They’ll join your party if you give them the items. Video Notes I had to reedit some of the audio for this video, as post-production it became corrupted (old video software). I’m looking at several new video editors for editing future tutorials. In Part 3 of this tutorial, we’ll add Eldred, the final party member, who will…

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 1) – Characters & Party Members

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 1) - Characters & Party Members

The Characters & Party Members (Part 1) is the fifth tutorial in the Smile Game Builder Tutorial series. In this multi-part video, the focus is on characters and party members. Each party member requires an item or condition to join, so Part 1 demonstrates how to set them up using a combination of presets and advanced editing. Video Part 1 also contains a humorous first attempt at creating a door in an early beta build of SGB. You can skip to this directly if you want a quick chuckle. Notes Sundays will become "creation days" and Mondays “production days”, which means that every Sunday I’ll create the video and every…

Smile Game Builder – Tutorial #3.2: Working with Events

Smile Game Builder - Tutorial #3.2: Working with Preset Events

This video, as the title suggests, is a straightforward look at using preset events and a brief overview of the events tree. This is a very basic, quick tutorial. But the next set of tutorials will go into much more detail with events. It’ll start with characters and party members. Video Note: I’d scheduled this video for yesterday. However, Murphy’s Law had other ideas, resulting in its deferral to today. Sundays and Mondays are usually good days to create and upload new videos, so my focus will be on those days.

Smile Game Builder – Tutorial #3.1: Events Overview

Smile Game Builder - Tutorial #3.1: Events Overview

This tutorial, the third in the Smile Game Builder series, glosses over the preset events, going through each one in turn. This isn’t a comprehensive how-to; it’s simply to showcase what’s available. Note: This video is longer than I intended it to be! I’d like to keep videos around 20 minutes long, but sometimes they’ll go over. And that’s when the fun will really begin! Video Next Tutorials The next few tutorials will cover some of these events in more detail, including the events tree, and – finally! – customizing events. I’ve had a lot of requests on how to do certain things in SGB, so my aim is to…

Events Tutorial 1 – Using Party Leaders (RMMV)

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This is the first in a series of Events Tutorials I’d like to create. In this first one, Using Party Members, I demonstrate how to access the party leader via events. Not just printing out who’s leading the party in the message box, but also interacting with them and making them interact as leader. For future tutorials, I’ll draw on different sources, including my own techniques and some at Yahoo! Answers. However, if you have suggestions for future Events Tutorials, let me know in the comments below. Video Tutorial Use In Otherworld I used this method in Otherworld, where certain characters must be party leader to progress. This, when combined…

Event Commands Tutorial Started

Keep up-to-date with the latest news onFacebook Event Commands Tutorial Now that I have my new graphics card, the Event Commands Tutorial has begun. This is a complete tutorial for the Event Commands for all RPG Makers, including screenshots. Most Event Commands are based on those in RM2K3, but additional notes have been given corresponding to each RPG Maker. Personal notes and examples have also been given where appropriate. The section is under heavy construction, with a lot of work yet to do on it. I’m starting with the RM2K3 Event Commands and working through RMXP, then RMVX and finally RMVXA (in that order). It’ll take a while but progress…

Chapter 8: Items by Level (Hero Level) – The Complete Chests Tutorial

Chests can contain higher-level items, such as weapons, which are only accessible when a character reaches a certain level. If the character is the required level, they can open the chest, otherwise it remains closed.

Chapter 5: Trapped Chests – The Complete Chest Tutorial

Continuing the Chest Tutorials, we’re now going to create a trapped chest, i.e. when you open it, it will trigger a random trap, which will cause damage or affect the player’s status.

Chapter 4b: Combination Locks (Advanced) – The Complete Chest Tutorial

Following on from Part 4a, which created a single combination, this tutorial will prevent you from opening the chest unless you know the complete combination beforehand.

Chapter 4a: Combination Locks (Basic) – The Complete Chest Tutorial

Combination locks can be placed on some chests, which will only be opened if the correct combination is entered, otherwise will remain closed. In this two part tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how this can be achieved.