Spring Cleaning and Renovation

Spring Cleaning and Renovation

After my previous post, Neglected But Not Forgotten, I started thinking. Since yesterday was officially the First Day of Spring, I figured it was time to spring-clean the site.

Careful Consideration

After carefully considering on the best course of action for this, I decided to drop support for 2K3 and XP. These two RPG Makers seem less predominant nowadays, and besides I no longer actively use them. While some game developers may still use them, according to general statistics, their usage is less frequent in favor of VX, VX Ace and MV. Hence, the decision.

Most of the current posts containing references to 2K3 and XP will remain intact. However, I am removing the XP plugins and archiving many of the 2K3 materials (such as resources and utilities).

Spring Cleaning

As part of the spring cleaning, a necessary evil is to go through each and every post (from the very first) and remove redundant links, images, etc.

This is a hideous process, a road I’ve traveled many times before. But it is necessary and will, of course, take some time.

Afterwards, the main focus of the site will be VX, VX Ace, MV and Smile Game Builder, especially the latter two, as these are the ones I use most frequently.

Original Blog

Original RPG Maker Times Blogger
Original RPG Maker Times Blogger
The original blog, RPG Maker Times (Blogger), is also in desperate need of updating.

This won’t be in the form of retroactively updating posts; that’d take way too much time, as its last update was in August 2016. I won’t change anything either, except for tweaks to the sidebars.

Instead, the blog will become a repository for posts from this site and its subsites, with links to the posts instead of the full articles. This includes SGB news, scripts and plugins and news related to RPG Maker as they’re posted.

This blog is the official RPG Maker Times site now.