Sound Effects For RPG Maker

Sound effects are an integral part of a game, but finding the right one for a particular event can be tricky. Here are two of the best ones I know of and which I use frequently (not just for RPG Maker, but other projects as well). Best of all they’re free! (Click on the title to open the corresponding website. They open in new tabs/windows.)

  • Find Sounds – This is the definitive site for sounds in my opinion. As its name suggests you can find all kinds of sounds there. If there’s a particular sound you’re looking for, you can almost certainly find it here. Formats are mostly in MP3 and WAV.
  • Free Sound – This is another definitive site, with a plethora of user-uploaded sounds. You need to create an account to download anything, and specific sounds are rather more difficult to find, but it’s a worthwhile site nevertheless. Formats vary, including FLAC and AIF, but most are WAV.