Some More Updates

In between work and play, and catching up on Season 2 of Haven, which has become one of my favorite shows, there have been fewer updates to the blog. That said, however, I’ve still been busy with RPG Maker.

Support for RMXP

With the imminent release of RMVXA, support for RMXP may dwindle as I’ll be focusing more on RMVX and RMVXA. That’s not to say that I’ll completely abandon RMXP, just that there will be fewer updates for it. Whenever inspiration takes me, I’ll probably still post resources and links, etc.

The Gladiator Project Progress

Yesterday, the power went out for 24 hours and subsequently the computer shut down without warning. The Scripts became corrupted, meaning that all prior progress cannot be loaded. Even the backup was corrupted. But I still have the tertiary backup to fall back on, although it’s an out-dated version. I don’t view this as a negative because, in my experience, any subsequent versions tend to be better. It’s comparable to writing: the first is the rough draft, the second is the edited draft, and the third and subsequent versions are the final drafts. And usually the best versions.

RMVXA Scripts

I’ve been extensively experimenting with RGSS3 (edited in RMVX and ported over). While I’m not a scripter, I have produced a few scriptlets, so maybe in a future post I’ll place them here – after a few additional tweaks.