Smile Game Builder – Upcoming RPG Maker

Smile Game Builder – Upcoming RPG Maker

Many of my Twitter followers already know that it’s my privilege and honour to beta-test a new upcoming RPG Maker called Smile Game Builder (SGB).

Beta Phase

This RPG Maker shows a lot of potential. Its selling point is the 3D first-person perspective and its complete ease of use. You can also use 2D graphics if you prefer. Set up events with a few easy clicks and then modify them to suit your needs or tweak them for more advanced processes.

During its beta phase, I’ve only tweeted select things. These include articles and material already made public and my own experiments with SGB. I’m pushing the engine almost to its limits and trying all aspects of game creation through SGB. While, at present, it’s still limited because it is in beta, new builds add more functions to test. This certainly keeps me busy on my days off!

With its release date set to 8 September 2016, today I’m retro-posting selected tweets on RPG Maker Times to showcase some of its capabilities. I won’t write any kind of review before its release date, however, because it’s beta. It wouldn’t be a fair assessment without its full arsenal of features.

In The Future

I will continue supporting SGB in the future and post various tutorials, how-to’s and official materials on RPG Maker Times. This is in addition to its regular RPG Maker content.

Although time is against me with regard to blog and projects updates, I work more settled hours now. At least for the time being. This does give ample opportunities for more time management and consistent posts. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of full-time game development, but it’s a pipe dream for the future. And we all need such dreams, right?