Smile Game Builder Tutorial #9: Pictures

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #9: Pictures

This tutorial showcases pictures. You can manipulate pictures to add life to your static images, so these are some of the techniques I’ve learned.

There’s also a routine to add a Compass HUD to your maps, which change according to the direction you’re moving. And another section on creating basic splash screens as well.



Map/Compass HUD Script/Plugin

On the right are the links to my Map/Compass HUD script (RMXP) and plugin (RMMV). Although existing, these are not publicly available for RMVX or RMVXA.

Download and use them, if they’ll prove useful, for non-commercial games only.

Tutorial Notes

The Map/Compass HUD only works in normal overhead view, and not in first-person view, as there is no feature for player direction. However, that may be an update for the future, which’ll make things much easier.

With the Splash Screen (a requested tutorial), I show how to create a basic animated splash screen using pictures. Note, however, that this can only be activated on a map after the start screen, not before the start screen.

Jacob Mann’s Monster Natural Habitat

Also mentioned in the tutorial is Jacob Mann’s Monster Natural Habitat. This showcases the Jacob’s talents for creating SGB monsters, my favorites being the elementals and spider (although I hate spiders!). It’s worth checking out! And he’ll release a monster resource pack soon as well.

Next Tutorial

The next tutorial will be on Event Triggers, notably autorun and parallel event triggers.

Although I plan many tutorials in advance, sometimes these change, depending on requests and newly updated features. I often defer tutorials for later dates based on these factors.

All uploads are usually late Sunday to early Monday. My current editor, VideoPad Video Editor, is rubbish when it comes to precaching and rendering, so it takes much longer. Unfortunately, this IS the best video editor I’ve found, so I’ll continue using it for now and just put up with its foibles until I find another one.