Smile Game Builder Tutorial #8: Time and Date

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #8: Time and Date

This tutorial is an overview of the Time and Date function (in the Advanced Variables Option). It demonstrates how you can use and display the local system time in message boxes.

The initial intention for this tutorial was a simple calendar system, but due to the nature of parallel events, it wasn’t working as it should. (I recently discovered this and know how to fix it for the actual calendar system tutorial.)



It’s important to note that the "issue" with adding to the time and it going beyond 24 hours is irrelevant and unimportant. It IS possible to insert an event "subroutine" to check and modify the time/day. Duplicate the autorun/parallel event on each map, therefore, the time and day WILL update correctly.

However, you can use the advanced variables to store time/date values and use them to emulate time, rather than advancing the system clock’s local time and date.

Future Tutorials

While I have a list of future tutorials, most notably requests, that I’m working through, I’m still open to suggestions and thoughts for future tutorials.

In addition, future tutorials will probably focus more on the advanced features from now on. And, of course, this includes more complex events, such as puzzles or mini-games.