Smile Game Builder Tutorial #4: Working with Conditions (Part 1)

Smile Game Builder 4: Working with Conditions (Part 1)

This tutorial shows how to use conditions effectively in Smile Game Builder, including what they are and how they function.

Conditions in SGB are the equivalent of switches in RPG Maker, but they’re used slightly differently in SGB.

This multi-part tutorial explains in detail how to use them effectively.



SGB Animated Talking Tree Model

Animated Talking Tree - Jacob Mann
Animated Talking Tree
Jacob Mann
You can watch the Animated Talking Tree video I mentioned in the video on Jacob’s YouTube channel.

It’s well worth watching and showcases exactly what you can do in SGB with the right skill and determination.

Working with Conditions (Part 2)

Part 2 will continue with conditions, where if you have a certain ingredient a "potion maker" will automatically appear and run towards you. She’ll then offer to make a potion for you and, depending on your choice, responds before running off into the forest.

Author: CompanionWulf