Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 3) – Characters & Party Members

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 3) – Characters & Party Members

I published Part 3 of the Characters & Party Members for the Smile Game Builder Tutorial series earlier than usual this week.

With Part 1, we had a brief look at preset events and added Marie, who wanted a flower.

In Part 2, we added two more party members: Ignaz requested gold and Lisa wanted an egg.

In Part 3, the penultimate part (for now) of the Characters & Party Members series, we add Eldred. His request is a random item before he’ll join the party. This demonstrates one method of doing just this, but others may prefer something else.


Part 4

In the final one in the series, I’ll go through several requested options. Eldred will join if:

  • A certain member is in the party
  • You've visited a certain location
  • You've defeated a certain monster

Part 4’s scheduled Sunday/Monday slot for upload is on track.

For a while now (in fact, since I started doing these tutorials), I’ve experimented with a dozen screen capture programs and video editing software. And I believe I found the perfect combination: Icecream Screen Recorder PRO and Videopad Video Editor.

However, this may still change at some point in the future.

Next Tutorial

Because "Conditions" is probably one of the most requested tutorials to date, in the next few tutorials I’ll consequently shift my focus there.

You can also view the tutorials, including upcoming ones, from my Facebook Tutorial Notes.