Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 2) – Characters & Party Members

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 2) – Characters & Party Members

Part 1 focused on the first party member, Marie, who wanted flowers before she joined. It also showcased my first attempt at creating a door without presets.

Part 2, the sixth in the Smile Game Builder Tutorial series, adds two more party members: Ignaz (who wants money) and Lisa (who wants an egg). They’ll join your party if you give them the items.




I had to reedit some of the audio for this video, as post-production it became corrupted (old video software). I’m looking at several new video editors for editing future tutorials.

In Part 3 of this tutorial, we’ll add Eldred, the final party member, who will request a random item before he’ll join the party. Additionally, I’ll add an "extra scene" where Eldred will only join if either Marie or Lisa is in the party, or both. This was suggested by my friend Sana.

Talking of which, with the next few tutorials after Part 3 I’ll focus on going through some of the how-to requests and suggestions I received.