Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 1) – Characters & Party Members

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #3.3 (Part 1) - Characters & Party Members

The Characters & Party Members (Part 1) is the fifth tutorial in the Smile Game Builder Tutorial series.

In this multi-part video, the focus is on characters and party members.

Each party member requires an item or condition to join, so Part 1 demonstrates how to set them up using a combination of presets and advanced editing.



Part 1 also contains a humorous first attempt at creating a door in an early beta build of SGB. You can skip to this directly if you want a quick chuckle.


Sundays will become "creation days" and Mondays “production days”, which means that every Sunday I’ll create the video and every Monday I’ll finalise editing and upload it.

In the next tutorial, we’ll continue with characters and party members events, which includes a recruiting event where Eldred the Assassin joins you after you’ve given him a randomly requested item.

Author: CompanionWulf