Smile Game Builder Tutorial #27: Animated Pictures

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #27: Animated Pictures

The Tutorial #27: Animated Pictures for Smile Game Builder is online.

It’s just a short and simple technique to add animated images to Smile Game Builder. You could use these for a variety of things and effects, including titles and short cut scenes.


Notes on Animation Sequencing in SGB

Smile Game Builder has no feature for playing in-game movies or GIFs. However, by using basic animation frame sequencing, it’s possible to emulate them. SGB is really good at running multiple parallel events without affecting performance. This includes animated images.

Each frame runs in sequence, with an appropriate amount of time between frames. Although any number of images in the sequence is possible, I’d recommend a limit of in between 12 and 15 (20 at a push). If you have several images, this can have a notable impact on overall file size. Although nowadays file sizes are no longer such an issue.