Smile Game Builder Tutorial #11: Relationship System

Smile Game Builder Tutorial #11: Relationship System

The Product Manager for Smile Game Builder wanted a dating/relationship system. The idea is that the player gives gifts or compliments to female NPCs to build "likeability"

This tutorial is the result; it’s a basic relationship system.

Each NPC has a "relationship rating", which changes accordingly.

When this is high enough, the option for marriage becomes available if a rainbow amulet is in the player’s possession (an idea borrowed from Skyrim). Once you become married to a particular NPC, you can’t marry another one.




Its setup, however, is as a preliminary and open-ended system for a larger dating routine, and it has the potential for more growth as time goes on.

One use is an alignment system, where NPCs react depending on how the player treats them (and that might be the subject of a future tutorial).

And, of course, its potential for expansion into a full dating system makes it flexible and easy to adapt.

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