Sites Migration Updates

It looks as though the migration to a new host is going ahead!

I decided to go with DreamHost because they offer slightly more for VPS than my current host at a slightly lower price. DreamHost has also been recommended to me so many times by other people that I finally started looking into it.

With the main RPG Maker Times website and its subdomains moving to a new host within the next two to three months, it’ll mean no "Resource Limit Reached" errors (or very few).

Each of the projects (present and future), including Otherworld, will have their own dedicated blogs as well. (And all of the projects under the Paranormality umbrella will eventually have their own blogs, attached to the main projects blog.)

The relevant posts relating to RPG Maker Times will be retroactively changed to reflect the move. Ultimately, the purpose of this (aside from upgrading to a non-shared server) is to make it much much easier to view and to properly categorize the sections across the blogs.

Hopefully there won’t be too much disruption!

More updates as they unfold.