RPG Maker Times Network

RPG Maker Times has been going since November, 2008, and as a whole has seen many changes, additions, integrations, and migrations. As a result, it can be quite difficult (for visitors as well as developers) to keep track. And this is why this page was created: to effectively list all the sites associated with RPG Maker Times, past and present (including projects.)


Active Sites

  • RPG Maker Times Portal — The root blogsite. Although not as actively updated, it will be revamped to point to the major sections, including newsfeeds.
  • RPG Maker Times — Now the official blog for all of the RPG Maker Times content (this site).
  • RPG Maker Times Original — The original blogsite for RPG Maker Times. All content has been integrated here, but updates there are mostly news, information and links to articles here as well. (These tend to be few and far between, however.)
  • RPG Maker Times Twitter — The official Twitter account for RPG Maker Times, containing all of the updates for RPG Maker Times, as well as other related contents not presented elsewhere.
  • RPG Maker Times Google+ — The official G+ page for RPG Maker Times, comprising all of the updates relating to the sites within the RPG Maker Times Network.
  • RPG Maker Times & Projects Facebook — The official Facebook page for RPG Maker Timesn, which (like the G+ page) has all of the site updates, as well as projects news and additional content not presented elsewhere.

Projects Sites

  • Ars Mechanicum (RMVX) — Status: Defunct.
  • OtherworldStatus: Active.
  • The Adventures of TryggrStatus: Temporarily On Hold.
  • The Gladiator ProjectStatus: Indefinitely On Hold.

Inactive Sites

  • RPG Maker 2K3 Master — The blog that started it all originally exclusively for RM2K/3 content. As time went on, and the next-gen RPG Makers came out this was officially closed on 31 March, 2012. All of the posts, pages and articles were moved to a new home.
  • RPG Maker Times Companion — This blog was originally intended as a "companion" blog to RPG Maker Times, hosting the resources, scripts and tools/utilities. It was eventually abandoned in favour of the newer incarnations, but has been kept online for posterity and because (despite its lack of updates) it's still quite popular.
  • RPG Maker Windowskins — This was intended as a repository for all the windowskins and, despite its increasing popularity, I decided instead to integrate it into this blog to keep everything together. It, along with its previous incarnations, will eventually redirect to the windowskins page here instead.

    ¶ This may be rehosted as a separate subdomain in the future.