Scripts/Scriptlets Updates – Victory Count/Map Location

Several scripts have now been updated for both RMXP and RMVX, so in many cases there are two versions of each. (“Anonymous” pointed out I should alias, something I’m not in the habit of doing, so yeah, more aliased methods.)

As always, place them below Materials for them to work. They are mostly plug-and-play so should automatically function.

Victory Count Scriptlet

Displays the number of victories (battles won).


View Victory Count XP v1.0 Scriptlet

Victory Count XP Screenshot


View Victory Count VX v2.0 Scriptlet

Victory Count VX Screenshot

Map Location Scriptlet

Displays the name of the map onscreen.


View Map Location VX v2.0 Scriptlet

Map Location VX Screenshot

Note: In Version 2.0, the following settings can be changed:

  • Toggle map icon on/off
  • Change map icon graphic
  • Change X and Y window coordinates