Scripts Updates and News

New Site Formula

RPG Maker Times Companion has been going through a metamorphosis. This is the front page for the entire blog, highlighting some of the major sections. It also acts as an index for some pages, leading directing to the blog.

Scripts Updates

I’ve developed a "Universal Configuration Settings Module", which consolidates all of the settings for my scripts (past and present) and makes it easier to set them all up, rather than going into each one individually.

Other features include a "Required Modules Checker", where you can set modules to become required. If any are missing, the Required Modules Checker will throw a corresponding error message.

Also, the Extra Stats VX script has undergone a slight makeover, with a few additional stats added as well (including the shop count). The VXA version will be brought up-to-date as well.

These will all be updated next week (particularly after my interview).