Scripts and Site Updates

Several scripts, tutorials and demos have been updated. They will also be updated on RPG Maker Times Companion shortly.

Scripts Updates

The following scripts have updates:

  • Extra Stats Window v3.0 – Released very soon, pending a few tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Q-Engine v2.0 Release Candidate – This has been undergoing a rewrite to make things easier and to address a number of additional conflicts.
  • Q-Engine Message System (QeMS) v1.0 – This is a very basic but functional message system, with more added to it as time goes on. (Personal Note: This is more of a personal experiment to apply what I’ve learnt – am learning – about Regular Expressions; it probably won’t be released for awhile in favour of the others.)
  • Other Scripts – All other scripts I’ve written for RMXP and RMVX are being brought up-to-date and will eventually be migrated to RPG Maker Times Companion.

Tutorials/Demos Updates

A number of tutorials are being brought up-to-date as well, including the Complete Chests Tutorial (which has its own section on RPG Maker Times Companion). I’m hoping to concurrently release additional demos for all RPG Makers after the “original” is done. Most of the other demos attached to some of the tutorials will also be brought up-to-date.

Site Updates

All of the windowskins are being migrated to RPG Maker Times Companion. This includes all of the windowskin utilities and the windowskins on this blog, as well as its predecessor WordPress website. You can find them at the Windowskins subdomain. They are neatly laid out for ease of use and convenience and on the index page you can preview them before deciding to download them.