RPG Maker VX/Ace in Ubuntu

A while a go I tested RMVX on Ubuntu and, while it did run it wasn’t without its problems. Things seem to have progressed since then thanks to several updates to Ubuntu itself and Wine/Wine Tricks.

Apparently, it’s now possible to install RMVXA onto Ubuntu (11.10/12.04+ LTS) with very few hitches. Full details on the entire installation process can be viewed on the RPG Maker Web Forum.

Now, at this time I can’t test this out because my old dual-boot Windows 7/Xubuntu computer died a while ago. I haven’t bothered reinstalling Ubuntu on this one. Playtesting, which was a major issue with RMVX when I tested it, doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem here.

Hopefully, someone can benefit from this and share their experiences in the comments. I’ll probably stick with the Windows version of RMVXA for now and, in the future when I upgrade again I’ll test it out.