RPG Maker Times Renovation

Unfortunately, I haven’t given the RPG Maker Times blog the attention it desperately needs so it’s remained untended and neglected for some time.

Different Direction

I’m renovating the blog, starting with a new yet simplistic theme, which I may tweak further over time.

I’m taking this blog in a new direction. The main focus is on Smile Game Builder and RPG Maker for now. And I’ll eventually expand this to include other game development engines, games (mostly RPG and JRPG) and certain MMORPGs.

This is something I wanted to do for quite some time. Due to my work schedule, however, this was not viable. Now that I transitioned from night shift to twilight shift, this frees up more time to dedicate to these projects.

Since the blog is now 14 years old, which is very hard to believe, I think it’s appropriate here that I give a brief history of RPG Maker Times and where it ultimately started.

Brief History

RPG Maker Times was first conceived way, way back with RPG Maker 95 (RM95), which was released so many years ago now in 1997, and later with its successors RPG Maker 2000 (RM2K) and 2003 (RM2K3). These were not officially translated into English at the time of their release, or the blog’s creation. Certain individuals translated and released them publicly. And that’s how I acquired the software (being young, naive and perhaps nescient). I won’t address the controversies or legalities of this, but I created the original blog (at Blogger.com) as a repository for everything I learned about these RPG Makers, starting with RM95.

The blog itself grew rapidly with all kinds of tutorials, graphics, observations and even games that I’d created. It was relatively successful in its own right.

When Enterbrain released the English version of RPG Maker XP (RMXP) in 2005, I bought it. So the blog included content for this RPG Maker too. And then again with RPG Maker VX (RMVX) and VX Ace (RMVXA). So it expanded further, with more content, tutorials, graphics, and so on.

Eventually, I bought a domain name and found a webhost, and everything was consolidated and officially migrated to this domain name, its official home ever since.

¶ Incidentally, I own every single RPG Maker on Steam – from 2000 to MZ – having bought them all. I don’t have, want or need RM95, as I consider it as ancient and, besides, it’s not officially published.

Old & Outdated Posts/Pages

This brings me to the next part of the blog’s renovation.

Because of the blog’s age, many of its pages and posts are subsequently as old as the hills, ancient and out-of-date. This means their inevitable deletion by retroactively going through each one, which is very time-consuming but all part of the streamlining process. This includes software that I deem outdated or no longer useful.

At the end of it, the RPG Maker Times blog will become the colossus it was always meant to become.

Moving Into 2022 and Beyond

I no longer actively use RPG Maker 2003 – I consider it outmoded – so all RM2K3 content will be removed. Some still use it, perhaps for a sense of nostalgia or preference, but if there is enough demand for it I will restore the content. To a degree, the same applies to RMVX and RMVXA, and to a lesser degree RMXP (which will be Archived).

Moving forwards – even before this overhaul is complete – the blog’s focus will be on RMMV and RMMZ. I’ll start posting more often, sporadically at first but then regularly.

Eventually, included in the content will be pre-recorded gameplay videos and live-streaming. No proper schedule yet, however.