RPG Maker Times May Be Relocating

This is a notice to all visitors to RPG Maker Times. I may be relocating the blog to WordPress. This is in light of the recent “Stop Badware” alerts, which have become the bane of my life and which are unfounded for this blog.

I’ve been using Blogger practically since the beginning and have had NO major problems with Google or Stop Badware in the past with this blog. So why now? Even with “cleaning” it and then waiting for another review, it will still not be resolved quickly or efficaciously.

I will “remove” the offending “badware” and reconfigure the widgets they link to, but if nothing has changed within a week from this post, then RPG Maker Times (and its companion sites) will be ported over to WordPress, and in time the Blogger ones will be closed!

Most likely it’s just my end and I’m the one being paranoid, but I may port over to WordPress anyway, since WordPress is much more versatile and is fast becoming my preferred bloghost now. If this is eventually the case, then this blog will most likely only contain resources – as those in the “Popular Posts” tab on the right hand side.