RPG Maker Times Domain Remigration

Over the next three to six months, the entire RPG Maker Times domain (and all its subdomains) will be migrated to a more suitable, stable dedicated web host for its growing needs. The sites are clearly becoming too large (in both size and growth), as well as overall traffic increase, for its current web host to handle.

During this process, usual posts and updates shouldn’t be affected. It’ll most likely take three or more months to find a suitable web host either capable of handling the the demands of the domain and its subdomains or one better suited to its growing needs.

I’m very reluctant to leave my current web host. Their tech support is second to none! But their shared server simply isn’t equipped to deal with what RPG Maker Times is evolving into. Sometimes, with evolution comes change, and with that change there may be many sacrifices along the way.

This will be a mammoth undertaking, but one that is now deemed necessary.