MADO Missing Choice/Shop Windows Plugin (KADOKAWA Alt Window Frame Fix)

MADO Missing Choice/Shop Windows Plugin (KADOKAWA Alt Window Frame Fix)

MADO Window Builder is a solid RPG Maker MV tool to allow create and use customize window graphics in your games. However, these window graphics are not applied to the Choice and Shop windows, so this plugin fixes this issue.

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Version: 1.0
Original Author:
Companion Wulf
Platform: RPG Maker MV
Plugin Type: Fix/Add-On
Required: None
Filesize: 5 Kb
File Format: JS/7ZIP
Release Dates:
  • 1.0 — 26 January 2019
This must be placed after the original AltFrameWindow plugin.
Place AltWindowFrame_WindowsFix.js in the plugins folder and activate it in Plugins Manager.

You can also watch the original MADO Window Builder Tool MV – Overview & Tutorial video for a more in-depth look at its features and how to use it.

You can separately select windowskins to use for the Choice window and all Shop windows by recycling the existing ones created with MADO.

These are Talk, Battle, Status and Other.

There shouldn’t be compatibility issues.

However, if this plugin is not installed after the original AltFrameWindow plugin, the shop window in particular might not display the graphic window properly and default to the system window.

There are no plugin commands for this plugin.

MADO Window Builder Tool MV
Overview & Tutorial

Here’s the original video showcasing the tool and how to use it.

Open the zipped file and extract the file AltWindowFrame_WindowsFix.js into your project’s Plugins folder. Make sure you add it to Plugin Manager as well.
Be sure to read the Terms of Use for Scripts/Plugins as well.
For an up-to-date version history log, you can view it in the JS file from within the downloaded ZIP file.
It’s likely that this plugin won’t receive further updates (unless the original plugin itself is updated).
This plugin came as a response to a comment on the original MADO Window Builder Tool MV – Overview & Tutorial video. (Thanks for pointing this out!)

This was something I overlooked since I didn’t use choices or the shop and I automatically assumed the tool’s generated windows applied to all areas.

Consequently, I created this quick fix for it to maintain consistency throughout the game.

This plugin is free to use under CC BY-NC 4.0, but please refer to the RPG Maker Times Terms of Use for other details, including for commercial use.

Credit must be given to "Companion Wulf" or "RPG Maker Times" if using this plugin in your projects.

You may modify this plugin for your own use, including projects, but you cannot claim it as your own.

To use this plugin in commercial products, however, you should also read the terms for the original KADAKAWA AltWindowFrame plugin.

Please do not share this plugin anywhere else unless I’ve given my express permission.

~Companion Wulf