RMMV Plugins

RPG Maker MV

These are my RPG Maker MV Plugins, many of which are slowly being updated. Some are being retired, some are being retired, and some remain unreleased. I’ll update this as and when I write new plugins.

Social Media Buttons Website Plugin (RMMV)

The Social Media Buttons Plugin enables you to display social media buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and your project Website) on the Title Screen, each of which opens the corresponding website in a new window. You can also use the plugin to send players to a website in-game via events with a simple Plugin Command.
KADOKAWA Alt Window Frame Fix - MADO Missing Choice/Shop Windows Plugin

MADO Missing Choice/Shop Windows Plugin (KADOKAWA Alt Window Frame Fix)

MADO Window Builder is a solid RPG Maker MV tool to allow create and use customize window graphics in your games. However, these window graphics are not applied to the Choice and Shop windows, so this plugin fixes this issue.