RPG Maker MV v1.2.0 Update

The long anticipated version 1.2.0 update for RPG Maker MV is here!

MV v1.2.0 New Theme
MV v1.2.0 New Theme
A number of issues have been fixed and several features have been added.

One of the features I am pleased about is being able to select multiple files when importing or deleting resources; this was a major issue I had in the previous versions. This will make life much MUCH easier!

They’ve even added a "dark" theme, which I rather like.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post the RPG Maker Web Forum is "taking too long to respond" (meaning it’s down), so I’ve quoted the updates from Steam below:

Fixed Issues 
--Fixed a bug with memory leaks in the tiling sprite. 
--Fixed Editor Tooltips appearing on the wrong monitor when using a
multiple monitor setup. 
--Fixed a bug with animations that caused it to hide the target
--Fixed an issue with copying and pasting on IME keyboards. 
--Fixed a bug in resource manager that made it so files would not
be overwritten if you imported a file with the same name. 
--Fixed a face in People3.png 
--Fixed loop information in default music m4a (03_Battle_Against_the_Demon,

Implemented Features 
--Implemented Batch Selection in resource manager including Batch file
deletion and batch file importing. 
--Implemented Resource Manager DLC Button 
--Changed the Picture Rotation Event Command to now be able to rotate
pictures counter clockwise using negative values. 
--Addition of an Option command in the Tool menu 
--Implemented Map Grid Options 
--Implemented Dark, High Contrast Black and High Contrast White theme 
--Implemented editor DPI Scaling on Windows 
--Added Map zoom function to mouse wheel (CTRL + wheel or Command + wheel) 
--Implemented Refresh Button for Plugin Manager.

--The top left tile in the "B" tileset is changed to always be a "Star"
passability. This is to ensure collisions work right.